Sepi Tajima

Hello, and welcome to my blog!

My name is Sepi Tajima (Sepide Jamarani).

I am a half Japanese and a half Persian, currently living in Sydney, Australia.

I have lived in several countries (Iran, Japan, Brazil, and India) and have been exposed to a vast number of cultures. I believe my experiences have enriched my understanding of the social and cultural influences of environment on our mental conditionings, and how it affects the relationship dynamics and our lifestyle in general.

When I turned 8 years old, a vision struck me with my life purpose: to serve people and prevent the much evitable suffering and to promote living according to one’s highest purpose. This vision urged me to expose to severely painful situations. I was inspired by the life of “Ikkyu-san”- the Buddhist zen monk whose master instructed him to experience pain, before attempting to relieve the pain of others. Ever since my life has been a journey filled with reflection and ever new learnings.My aim is to support people by hacking the mystery of the family and relationship dynamics, and promote a more meaningful and fulfilling life and diminish the much evitable suffering.

Ever since my life journey has been filled with contemplations and ever new learnings. My aim is to promote a more meaningful and fulfilling life by hacking the mystery of the family and relationship dynamics, universal laws and the workings of the mind in order to diminish the much evitable suffering.


I have several degrees:

  • Bachelor’s in Genetic science (Cellular and molecular biology)
  • Bachelor’s in Japanese language (Linguistics)
  • Graphic Design and app design
  • Post graduate diploma in Counselling and applied psychotherapy
  • Masters in Counselling and coaching (expected 2016)

I am the author as well as the illustrator behind this site. I blend eastern philosophies and spirituality with the modern science of psychology and neuroscience and hope to bring the fruits of my invested years on soul-searching and reflection.

I hope my experiences have provided me with needed skills to share in a clear language the art of living a more mindful, conscious, and compassionate life.


I am a multi-cultural and bilingual Counsellor (English/Farsi).

A person seeking support is seen as one whose struggles have been overwhelming at the time and needs to gain a better perspective, support, clarity, and tools to navigate through the challenging times.

Challenges are seen as opportunities in disguise. We collaboratively recreate and reconstruct the (fragmented) individual and come to a sense of peace, balance, acceptance, and wholeness.



My focus is on education and prevention, that is why I am creating this free psycho-educational centre for people to find some rest and answers to more complex topics about life.

This blog is for you. It is here to support your life journey and its challenges. I share tools and insights to promote self-mastery, increased emotional well-being and mental clarity.

If you light a lamp for someone else it will also brighten your path. – Nichiren Daishonin

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